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CIBJO – The World Jevellery Confederation

The World Jevellery Confederation Founded in 1926 in Paris as BIBOA, which evolved in 1961 with the name still used today, this organization presents itself as “The UN of the trade in precious metals and jewels”. Thirty-six states adhere to its protocol, which have the aim of harmonizing and promoting international cooperation in this area, with the aim of protecting, helping, encouraging and supporting operators in the sector, but at the same time ensuring the safety, satisfaction, trust and interest of the customers of the companies involved.

The relationship with the UN is not simply a comparison to explain the vastness, importance and authority of this organization: since 2006 it has been the only institution in the entire world precious metals sector to cooperate personally with the UN, as a body that is given the power to support, promote and interact with the United Nations Secretariat and with all the states that are members of it in matters concerning the subject, of the industry and trade of jewels, stones, metals and precious materials.

WJCEF – CSR Course Certification

The Assembly of Delegates of CIBJO, the World Jewellery Confederation, decided at its annual congress in Dubai in April 2008 to create a foundation responsible for the worldwide financing and management of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), an education program that CIBJO will organize for the Jewellery sector together with the United Nations. The foundation was officially created in Switzerland at the end of 2009.

ICA – International Colored Gemstone Association

The International Colored Gemstone Association (ICA), a non-profit organization, is the only body in the world specifically created to benefit the global colored gemstone industry.

ICA was founded in 1984 and now includes more than 600 gemstone dealers, cutters, miners and dealers from 47 countries who are dedicated to advancing and promoting the knowledge and appreciation of colored gemstones.

HKGMA – Hong Kong Gemstone Manufacturers’ Association

La Hong Kong Gemstone Manufacturers’ Association ha degli obbiettivi ben precisi:
– Unire tutti i partecipanti dell’industria della gemma per ottenere un ambiente migliore e più opportunità di business.
– Rafforzare la competitività e migliorare la produttività dell’industria della pietra preziosa di Hong Kong per il mantenimento di Hong Kong come centro di fornitura e commercio della gemma nel mondo.
– Promuovere l’immagine dell’industria della pietra preziosa di Hong Kong in modo da migliorare la conoscenza delle persone del settore delle pietre preziose e rafforzare il legame con il mondo esterno.

IGI – Italian Gemological Institute

Founded in 1973 in Milan, Italy and now present in various Italian centers, the Italian Gemmological Institute is a nonprofit, Super-Partes organization, recognized by the President of the Italian Republic by Legislative Decree No. 767 of August 11, 1979, whose initiatives are marked by the following guidelines:

  • Disseminate research and knowledge of gemology; study its technical, practical and theoretical problems; unify its technical language;
  • organize specialized courses; promote exhibitions, conferences, debates, seminars, round tables, conventions, research; issue certificates of competence and merit;
  • promote agreements with national and international bodies, public and private organizations and associations interested in gemology.

I.G.I. has always carried out training activities through courses aimed at obtaining the Diploma of Gemologist, informational and practical courses, thematic courses, customized courses for companies and refresher courses, seminars, and conferences.

I.G.I. also offers a gemological analysis service. The analysis laboratory, equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation and excellent professionals who are constantly updated, is able to provide an efficient certification service that is recognized by the industry at the Italian and international levels.

I.G.I. also carries out specialized publishing activities; organizes trips with in-depth gemological insights; and offers consulting and sales services for gemological instruments.

FEDERPIETRE – National Federation of Dealers in Diamonds Pearls Precious Stones and Lapidaries

Federpietre is the oldest and most prestigious national association representing and protecting gemstone dealers since 1947.
The constant fight against unfair competition and commercial abuse, defense of end consumers, advocacy of ethical principles of the profession, moralization and regulatory discipline of the industry represent its courageous mission, put into practice for more than 50 years with indefatigable and commendable commitment, acting in a timely, proactive and proactive manner.
As a longstanding member of Confedorafi first and Confindustria Federorafi later, he acts to raise awareness of the category’s issues among the relevant political bodies, promotes and defends the Italian goldsmith sector through the national media, the main gemmological laboratories, the academic world and the sector’s top international organizations.
Flagship, the editing and publication of the prestigious magazine “Federpietre informa.”


Assurance and protection of quality, commitment to the development of the sector, initiatives aimed at the evolution of the goldsmiths’ commodity sector: this is the basic philosophy from which the Goldsmiths’ Club, a proudly and tenaciously independent association of highly qualified goldsmiths’ operators, was born. The entire supply chain of this delicate sector is represented within this body, but only companies that operate on such high ethical and quality standards as to be identified as leaders in their specific field belong to it: the enrichment of the know-how of those in the industry, the protection of their rights and the appropriate promotion of their literally precious work constitute the foundations that animate the work of this prestigious trade association, which is also active through numerous partnerships with noble institutions, including the celebrated Bocconi University of Milan, with which profitable synergies are established.


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