Coral Museum – Liverino Collection

Since ancient times, coral has exerted a strong power over the peoples of the sea, and in particular over the town of Torre del Greco, where today stands the Coral Museum – Liverino Collection.

For over five generations, the Liverino family has instilled passion and expertise in the production and processing of coral. The strong bond that has always linked them to red gold has gone beyond the purely corporate interest, to give life to a unique collection of its kind, started by chance in 1934 by the Cavaliere del Lavoro Basilio Liverino, then sixteen years old. From Basilio’s passion for coral and the discoveries made during his travels around the world, a collection of more than 1,000 sculptural and jewellery specimens in coral and semi-precious stones was born, now housed in the family museum

The Coral Museum – Liverino Collection, dug into the bowels of the volcanic land of Vesuvius, opens up to the eyes of its visitors like a magical casket in which the red fruits of a submerged garden are hidden. Here there are incomparable works, forged in a raw material that is a symbol of life and death, an amulet, pure magic. The collection is made up of artistic creations from all over the world, from East to West, dating back to the sixteenth century, elaborated with the highest skill. In order to visit the museum, you must make a reservation in advance.

Before planning your visit, please contact us on +39.081 8811225 for further details and to ensure availability.