Our Story

Courage, resourcefulness and adventurous spirit of yesteryear, held together by the constancy, commitment and tenacity of those who consider work a value, noble and to be honored.

But also curiosity, sagacity and commercial intuition, which in over a century have first created and then cemented the foundations of a company that, born and perpetrated by a family, represents a dream that has wanted to evolve, renew and grow over time and space, making it an activity that never stops looking forward.

Telling the story of the Liverino company means delving into the meanders of a magical artisan tradition, perceiving the voices and sounds of men, women, machines and instruments of yesteryear and reading the mark left in a precious material that defies the ages with its shining beauty. The frantic and frantic chatter of the daredevil crews of the corals, the alchemical techniques of coral processing handed down in a low voice from father to son like precious magic formulas, the bright and wise eyes of the workers able to distinguish shapes and colors with a glance, the incessant and hypnotic ticking of lathes powered by water, the fascinating silences rippled by the sound of burins handled by skilled artists.

Storia del corallo

And then there are languages, rituals, symbols, greetings, ceremonies and pacts exchanged with cultures near and far, from the Mediterranean to the Far East, because trade is first and foremost a moment of sharing and mutual growth, and when all this was born over a century ago, when distances were not bridged by technology but only by the dynamic ingenuity of men who wanted to look beyond, All this reveals how the enchantment represented by coral is not just beauty, but a piece of deep history, which brings with it many, really many, treasures to be discovered